4-wheel electric trucks

In order to match your application needs, CESAB has created 5 Series of 4-wheel electric counterbalanced forklift trucks.

The CESAB 48V and 80V series combined offer a load capability from 1500 kg up to 8500 kg.

four wheel electric cesab forklift b400 caring barrels

B400: Compact and powerful

With the all new 4 wheel CESAB B400 and forklifts you no longer have to make the choice between manoeuvrability or performance. You can have them both. Boasting powerful 48 volt AC motors the CESAB B400 delivers exceptional performance that helps you enhance productivity.

High performance is complemented by a compact design which, thanks to a shorter chassis and smaller steering tyres, means the CESAB B400 offers exceptional manoeuvrability even in narrow spaces.

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heavy duty four wheel counterbalanced cesab forklift b600

B600: Raising performance in Heavy Duty application

The Cesab 80V 4-wheel AC electric forklift range helps achieve the highest levels of workplace productivity.

There is a full range to choose from starting with a compact 2000 kg model all the way up to a hardworking 5000 kg version. The B625 and B630, 2500 and 3000 kg capacity, are available in L-versions that have a longer wheelbase. This allows bigger batteries for even longer working operations.

The B600 is designed to handle multishift operations with easy. The optional sideways battery extraction makes the trucks ideal for high intensity operations, particularly in the logistics and distribution.

These 4-wheel electric trucks are powerful alternative to Diesel or LPG models as, with optional motor protection, they can operate indoors as well as outdoors with practically no risk for water damage.

The B600 Series features Cesab’s unique Intelligent Mast Design (IMD) technology for optimal visibility and durability. Mast sensors monitor travel speed and lift height for superior safety.

A wide choice of masts makes the B600 fit any application. The maximum available lift height is 6500 mm.

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CESAB B800 heavy duty electric counterbalanced forklift truck

B800: Strength and quality

The CESAB B800* heavy duty electric counterbalanced truck has a high capacity range for loads up to 8500 kg.

The key features of this truck are performance and autonomy, which are ensured by the use of electric motors with an advanced electronic control combined with the possibility of using large capacity batteries.

All this guarantees a high quality truck designed for heavy duty tasks.

* Previously known as the ECO-P range

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