Cesab’s Brussels team makes a move

Some of us are making a move. Marketing and territory support colleagues at Cesab Material Handling Europe are moving to new offices in Willebroek, Brussels.

With extra desk spaces for future growth, the team’s new base is in Schoondonkweg 1, in the 40-hectare sustainable Park De Hulst. This is centrally located between the A12 and E19 Brussels/Antwerp motorways.

Not only do these spacious new offices include a big warehouse, extensive showroom and meeting room facilities, but they will also help team members to work ergonomically. They also include three extra desks to enable future expansion within the Brussels team. 

Every colleague will have a sit-stand desk that can be raised for stand up working, and lowered for sitting. One of the meeting rooms also features standing tables, enabling people to stay on their feet for meetings. 

Sit-stand workstations are becoming more popular in workplaces because they encourage employees to vary their working position and to look after their health by being more active at work.

We look forward to meeting colleagues, partners and customers at our new offices in the months to come.