Cesab Simai Tow Tractor range refreshed for 2020

Cesab Material Handling Europe and Simai have unveiled a refreshed Cesab SIMAI Tow Tractor range for 2020.

The electric tow tractor and platform truck series is the result of an on-going research and development partnership between Cesab and its sister company, the specialist tow tractor manufacturer SIMAI.

Available through Cesab’s European dealership network, the three- and four-wheel Cesab SIMAI range is designed for maximum productivity, comfort and safety when towing loads in a wide range of commercial and industrial environments.

With capacities ranging from 1.5 tonnes to 80 tonnes, the range is built to transport goods in all settings where towing is required, including hospitals, shopping malls, automotive, aerospace, manufacturing sites, railways and airports.

SIMAI, which has 70 years’ experience in the design and manufacture of tow tractors and platform trucks, was the first Italian company to receive ISO 9001 accreditation, the internationally recognised standard for Quality Management Systems and now also Environmental Management System accreditation ISO 14001.

Three-wheel tow tractors in the Cesab SIMAI range (TTE) include the TTE15, TTE30, TTE40 and TTE71. These offer towing capacities of between 1.5 tonnes and 7 tonnes.

The four-wheel Cesab SIMAI Tow Tractor range (TE) features seven models with towing capacities of between 8 and 50 tonnes, including the TE80, TE80IXB, TE152, TE252, TE300R, TE291 and TE500RR.

The Cesab SIMAI Platform Truck range (PE) includes the PE15, PE20 and PE30, with loading capacities of between 1.5 and 3 tonnes.

The whole range of electric tow tractors and platform trucks has been developed to maximize productivity, safety and efficiency, with features including, depending on model, suspension systems, pre-set electric braking, hydraulic service braking, mechanical, hydraulic or electric steering and complete light system. High attention is given in designing the accessibility to the driver’s place, to satisfy the drivers’ requests. Attaching the trailers is very simple due to the SIMAI reverse system.

Ton de Hollander, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Cesab Material Handling Europe, said: “We have worked hard to ensure the Cesab SIMAI tow tractor range delivers optimum productivity and safety in every kind of towing environment, from retail and healthcare to heavy manufacturing and transport.

“We have continued to make improvements across this range since it was first introduced, and we are confident that it will deliver the high levels of efficiency, performance and use-ability that every towing operation needs.”