Cesab P216i brings new design standards to powered pallet trucks

Cesab Material Handling Europe has launched its lightest and most energy efficient powered pallet truck to date.

As the first low lifting truck to be built around Cesab’s in-house modular Li-ion battery system, the Cesab P216i brings a completely new standard of design to the powered pallet truck market.
Thanks to the modular and scalable Li-ion battery technology, the components and weight of the Cesab P216i have been optimised to achieve an extremely compact, light and highly energy efficient machine.

The Cesab P216i combines the trusted components of the Cesab P200 range with even higher levels of energy efficiency and productivity. These include no need for battery exchange or charging room, zero maintenance, 30% energy savings, quick and easy charging and a Li-ion battery with three times the life of a lead acid battery.

Offering the quality, stability and performance levels the Cesab P200 range is renowned for, the Cesab P216i has a drive speed of 6 km/hr and lift height of 215mm.

With a choice of 50, 105 or 150 Ah Li-ion battery, the Cesab P216i gives operators the option of external, internal or on-lorry charging, as well as a new and improved charging plug with easy, safe push-in technology.     

Ideal for use in tight spaces, the Cesab P216i has a body width of 726 mm and truck length of 419 mm.                                                                                              
At 119 mm shorter than a standard Cesab P216 powered pallet truck with medium battery compartment, the Cesab P216i offers easy manoeuvring in the most restricted of areas. 
A low chassis, which is 85 mm lower than the Cesab P216, helps the Cesab P216i to give operators of all heights a perfect view of the forks.

Stability and security on the Cesab P216i are supported through Optimised Corner Control. A steering wheel sensor monitors the steering angles continuously and reduces speed automatically if needed, in line with pre-programmed angle and speed settings.

Offering a load capacity of 1600kg, the Cesab P216i is ideal for horizontal transport, loading and unloading and order picking in a wide range of settings with restricted spaces, including onboard lorries, warehouses, distribution centres, super and hyper markets and industrial environments.
Ton de Hollander, Senior Marketing Product Manager, Cesab Material Handling Europe, said: “The Cesab P216i reflects all the capabilities of Cesab’s Li-ion battery technology. Highly modular, scalable and extremely energy efficient, this powered pallet truck will support fast, safe and easy handling in all kinds of workplaces, but particularly those where space is at a premium.
“This is our most compact, light and energy efficient powered pallet truck to date, delivering all the well-known qualities of the Cesab P200 range with next level design and productivity advantages.”